Change the curtains achieve the purpose of home facelift

19 Mar 15 - 02:57

Different seasons gives us the feeling is different, so the different seasons of our clothes will be different. Decoration for the home, it is a kind of clothing, then whether to change the home decoration when the season changes? Perhaps some of the owner will say that the behavior of the change is too large, and the cost is too much. How about change the curtains only? We all think that it is not trouble for many of the owners to change curtains. Now we can see how to change the curtains to achieve the aim of home facelift.

If the curtains are a landscape, there are spring and summer; if emotions like four seasons, it can have the change of the color.
Rebirth of spring, people will prefer to jump consciousness, warm colors and patterns, re-election of a bright color and with some patterns, will allow residents of heart and light up the room environment together.

Elegant Solid Gauze Tulle Door Window Curtains
From: Elegant Solid Gauze Tulle Door Window Curtains

Summer use translucent curtains generally stronger, the color should prefer to the light color serious, such as light blue, white, light green and so on, in addition to selecting quality thin fabric, the gauze curtains ( are also a good choice of materials. If you want to achieve better ventilation, or want to always see the outdoor greenery, elegant and modern bamboo blinds is the best choice.

Autumn, the home fill with thick autumn feelings, the bright warm color can increase the the unique character of this season, the selection of color curtains touches your soul, change the cool summer home, let their own irreplaceable charm.

Pastoral Round and Lines Printed Brown Eco-friendly Curtains
From: Pastoral Round and Lines Printed Brown Curtains

In winter, the most important issue to be considered, of course, it is how to keep warm. Preferred colors red, orange and other warm all winter curtains. Put warm curtains, when the wind comes in, they will feel psychologically warm curtains filter out the air in the wind, the most natural warm air into the room.


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