Change the curtains achieve the purpose of home facelift

19 Mar 15 - 02:57

Different seasons gives us the feeling is different, so the different seasons of our clothes will be different. Decoration for the home, it is a kind of clothing, then whether to change the home decoration when the season changes? Perhaps some of the owner will say that the behavior of the change is too large, and the cost is too much. How about change the curtains only? We all think that it is not trouble for many of the owners to change curtains. Now we can see how to change the curtains to...

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How to design the balcony curtains?

22 Dec 14 - 03:11

Nowadays there are many people who choose to install balcony curtains, they want to install the curtains for themselves in living room and bedroom, they also install the curtains for the balcony, if we choose the good curtains, that would add the bright scenery for our room, it could ensure our secret from others, then what do we need to notice for the curtains?

First the choice of pattern
No matter which fabric you choose, then the patterned of the curtain could not be simple, if you wan...

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