Do you ever have decoration about new house? Don't you have any experiences about decoration? Even how to choose bathroom faucets? OK, these questions are very important. So I will help you.

First, feel the weight of faucet to judge the material

If you feel the bathroom sink faucet is very light after hand touch, I don't suggest you to buy it. Because bathroom faucets with too light weight for some businesses will tap the copper inside, just in order to reduce costs, while the consumer is not easy to be detected, so the faucet after a long time using will be easier burst because the water pressure is too large.

Second, touch the handle to judge if it is comfortable

The handle design of bathroom sink faucets is variety, you can choose one according to your own favorite and need.

bathroom sink faucet

Third, look at the outlet to judge if it is convenient

It is not good for the water hole of bathroom sink faucets is too high or too short. Too high it will be splashing when you are washing, too short may not convenient for using. You'd better have a try for this part, in order to judge whether it is suitable for you.

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